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Many will be surprised: how is it possible to claim to be antispiritual, moreover in a very thoughtful and constructive way that altogether fully honors the quest for truth and understanding, the sense of mission of man on earth, the absolute (transcendent) reality of the morality imperatives towards other living beings, and the existence of afterlife and of the supernatural with its connected axioms (immateriality and immortality of the soul)? - see the summary of my position for more details.
Despite what all those followers of the alleged "evangelical simplicity" may pretend, the truth is complex and can not be plainly described and understood without some minimum effort. The reasons to oppose spirituality are quite complex, and require some effort to understand. So please, don't judge the title before you read and understood the justifications.

Spirituality is a mess of mistakes, and this site exposes reasons to reject most of the traditional "spiritual teachings" on a methodological level.
The point here is to discard all the usual practical developments about « spiritual ways » to think and live (in other words, the whole Spirit of Spirituality carried by most of the particular Spiritual teachings, that largely influences the dominant mentality of today's world), by analyzing the many errors they contain through their methodological biases, their ignorance of many realities, and the practical, relational and social collateral damages, that result from the options they lead their followers to follow during their lives (especially the damages to the lives of those the spiritual people relate to -- and also of those they don't -- in ways they remain methodologically unaware of). Based on these facts I have to conclude by recognizing the absolute practical superiority of reason, scientific methodology and future technologies, over anything that may pretend to do better, be above or go beyond them, as concerns both the search for truth on whatever subject (i.e. not including fields like music that are rigourously not a matter of truth) and the virtue of contributing to making the world a better place to live in, in the context of this earthly life.

What is Spirituality

Examples of serious ideological biases which are more or less common in some spiritualities
Some contradictions of spirituality
An important and general type of error is essentialism such as misunderstanding the hierarchy between fundamental and applied research
Evidence against divine revelation or guidance : why waste time searching for a source of guidance which does not exist to any significant extent (or is so rare and for anecdotal purposes only) ? we are anyway left orphans on this planet.


Main page on Christianity
A small list of logical refutations of the Christian doctrines
Answer to so-called proofs of "Authority of the Bible"
Meeting with God
God's promises
God's will
God's characters and holiness
The most genuine Christian testimony I know - answered
An inspiration, not a theory !
About miracles
The Fatima miracle
The saints
Why Christianity is Evil
The 10 commandments for the Christian
Receiving the gifts from the Holy Spirit
Catholic priest sells calomnies against scientists
Seth's story of the origins of Christianity
Christian fallacies list. One of them is the design argument
What do they actually think: For Christians : why don't you honestly try answering real questions ? All what I find by google as christians "answers to questions" is hopelessly naive, enclosed in the absolute christian ignorance of the real questions, nothing serious. Questions on prayer

Analysis of other specific spiritualities

References of debunking made by others

Some essential truths on the very issues spiritualities pretend to enlighten on, that are kept ignored and unthinkable by most of them

Please go to find and show me a spirituality that would either respect the following truths and understandings, or have any better grounds to diverge from them than by stupidly having never heard of them and doing as if they (or the arguments supporting them) never existed [partial list translated from French, that refers to complementary texts not all translated into English]:

What can be more authentic

if spirituality is most often a sham, here are some more authentic things in life.
how to discern some more reliable stuff :

Things a bit more personal

I am INTP-T. Lots of quotes about INTP and other MBTI stuff. About accusations of arrogance.
Why Goodness is Evil
My guide to conversion and deconversion (what types of arguments I see as convincing)
My reasons to be upset

Something like a book was considered to be written but remains unfinished

I initially undertook this writing as a proposition for the Truth Contest site, "open contest for the ultimate truth on life and death", even though this turned out to be ridiculous. The purpose is to explain all the main ideas on everything (life, the truth, the universe, morality, religion...), logically, systematically, in a globally ordered way. Some of its contents will repeat some of what was already given above, but most will be new.
I : The Copernician revolution vs the spiritual ego
II. Explaining reason and science
III. Metaphysics (including an initiation to quantum physics)
IV. Explaining and refuting religion
V. Foreseeing and managing the future: I finally wrote about it here (differs from the initial plan)


List of anti-spiritual links


There is more or less (serious) humor in many of my texts (in this and in my other sites), but especially: But one of the biggest laughs of my life was when I tried to read Faustina's diary. See my comment in links page
Author: Sylvain Poirier - (a short account of the conversion and deconversion story)
Other sites of the same author: Singles union - - Set Theory (FR: Théorie des ensembles) - Trust-forum.

Warning !
Psychiatrists are completely mad

Sick people suffering Psychiatropathy
They see fools everywhere but heal few,
massively destroy lives for industrial profit.
Since they managed Nazi camps they did not change.
Incredible ? What can stop them if you won't believe it ?