Open Letter to the Templeton foundation

I sent the following to the contact page of the Templeton foundation website on July 6, 2015. In the absence of any reply from them, I finally decided to publish it in the end of October.
Hello. Last winter I wrote for the fqxi contest an essay on the connections between maths and physics, how I see quantum physics best interpreted as explaining the interaction between mind and matter, and how the universe is created by consciousness. I thought it would interest you:
In the absence of any feedback or reaction from you or any people with official concerns like yours, and the fact I did not win any prize for reasons I explained in my page, I wonder if you even noticed it, so you may need this more explicit notification.
I am not looking for any funding, but I just think you may be interested to have a closer look on the issues, both :
I recently happened to talk with a rabbi and reported to him the ironical situation : in their try to support research on the connection between science and religion, the Templeton foundation happened to sponsor a prize to authors of the best ideas uniting.... ignorance with hardcore materialism. I understand you did not do it deliberately, you did not expect those rules of the fqxi contest to lead to the wrong results, however I suggest you to consider the issue more closely.

Another case of "science and religion" support spent in scientific incompetence

See my report of the scientific incompetence of Elliott Tammaro. His work is supported by the Institute for Religion and Science of Chestnut Hill College (youtube page). I also wrote them about the problem and did not get any reply.

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And the second google result on "religion and science" after Wikipedia, is an article by... William Craig, the same person who spectacularly refutes by his practical behavior an ability of reason (and also of human respect and understanding) which he was supposed to demonstrate in words.
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