Doing the will of God

A frequent argument says it is necessary to become Christian because God wants it, and to be Christian consists in following God and achieving His will.
What does the will of God consist, what is the work which we have to achieve for Him, which will be better accomplished being Christian than not being it ? The work of God, and His will for us consists in that we believe in Him and are saved, so that we can reach heaven and not fall in hell. Good loophole. And then ?

That we are gradually transformed into the resemblance of Christ, the Son of God, perfect and absolute model. Uh, by reading the Gospels about the life of Christ, if it is necessary to resemble to him it is quite hard. Is it necessary, like him, to proclaim oneself a son of God, and to say "Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood have eternal life"? And then "Stand up and go"? And then ? Because finally the Gospels do not give many precise details on the character of Christ. This is convenient, as we can imagine all what we want, according to the circumstances of the life whatever they are, and one can always claim to have been modeled to the resemblance of Christ, and that anyone doing wrong things, no matter whether or not he also does everything to follow Christ and believe he succeed, did not.

What more ? It is said, when one is a true born again Christian, one is guided to make the will of God by the Holy Spirit, while asking God at every moment to guide us. If one does not feel guided, it is because one is not enough faithful and pious, one needs repentance and keep trying.
Thus the Spirit of God will lead us to make the best decisions, to follow the most extraordinary ways far beyond what one can imagine or plan. Thus the will of God is achieved.

Is it God's will to make everybody Christian ?

According to Christians, the will of God would also be that everyone converts, to come to do the will of God and establish His kingdom on the Earth.
Already, there are million Christians who all pray and seek with huge enthusiasm the will of God. And the kingdom of God with his universal peace is not yet accomplished on the Earth. Why? Because there are still so many not-Christians, of course ! Why aren't they yet Christian? Because they did not recognize yet the truth, and the life with God that is found in Christianity. This is why it is up to everybody to go to speak to them one by one, to bring them one's testimony. Absurd work of ant, as compared to the limitless possibilities of diffusion of information now permitted by Internet.

I would say, as regards the discovery of life's meaning and mission to which we are called, according to Christianity, the God who inspired this missionary program hardly going beyond the doctrinal self-replication (evangelization) by some caritative works against hunger in the world by miserable means, lacks a lot of imagination. This absurdit manner of spending time is a good means to not asking ourselves more questions, and to not becoming aware meanwhile of the fact that actually, to have given one's life to God brings us no real inspiration of the will of God.

Somebody asked me: "aren't the laws of causality and consequences, often directly proportional to our intimate convictions?" Not, I disagree absolutely. They can be more or less caused by our intimate convictions but in a manner which escapes these convictions themselves, which is not a reflect of them. As well in their nature as in their proportion. The ostrich policy can bring consequences which do not resemble the convictions that motivated it. The belief whereby the consequences are proportional to the convictions, in itself, is an assumption which inhibits any attempt to try to be more effective than that. While the economic world gave us the demonstration of the opposite since a long time, with its division of labour, its research and development and other fixed costs where one action can be useful ad infinitum.

And all this for which result ? Can't more intelligence bring better results ?

However, a long theoretical reflexion led me to draw up the outline of a plan to finally build a better world - by Internet precisely. One of its many aspects is to assist people in their quest for truth whatever it is with the most effectiveness in all the fields, by a better global structuring of available information from everybody that will better put everyone in front of his contradictions by selecting the trusted information from the non-trusted (this will warn the people against trusting who is obviously in error). And to assist people in satisfying their respective goals by better finding the connections they need with the right and reliable people. I do not know if this discovery comes from a gift of God or not, but I can say in any case that the development of such a plan requires a lengthy and careful rational research, in contradiction with the words of Jesus "I worship you, Father, to have hidden these things from the wise and the intelligent and to have revealed them to the children".

To develop the necessary details and implement the project on a large scale, the contributions of a few tens or hundreds of people having the necessary skills, would largely suffice. But that does not interest Christians, who want to do nothing "which is not to the glory of the Lord Jesus".
And to earn their bread with the sweat of their face, why do they do it since it is not to the glory of Jesus ? And It is even less worth seeking the scientific, technical and economic means to free the world from this labour, because that has neither anything to do with the glory of Jesus.

Where is thus the wisdom of God and the achievement of His will far above human intelligence, to which millions of Christians all over the world are devoted in their enthusiastic and assiduous prayer?
So many evangelic Christians in the so rich and powerful United States while the famine and desolation do continue to prevail in many of other places of the world ? And what about the most powerful man of the world, the American president George W.  Bush, Evangelic Christian, biggest criminal against mankind and plunderer of nations in front of the Eternal ?

God knows better than us how we can be useful. If we can conceive a plan by which a few tens of men can make the difference and build a definitely better world, God should not need more to establish his Kingdom on the Earth.
Since thus million authentic and enthusiastic Christians were not enough, it is that they do not make the will of God. Since the world is still what it is, it means there are not even 10 people in the world who know the means of changing it for the best, means which however exist and which God is thus supposed to know. This does not prevent men from being saved, well fortunately.

More possible plans

If the project mentioned above seems to you doubtful or too complicated, one can find another much simpler and effective means, for whom the work of only one person would be enough, with the difference that the divine inspiration is necessary to its realization.

Here it is : Does God wish that I find a girl to get married? If he loves me, that should be the case. Even if he does not love me but he loves only others, he should at least grant it me to allow me the energy necessary to the continuation of my projects to the service of others. And even if all that were false relating to me, it would be at least true for some others, on whom the following reasoning would still be valid.

Therefore, by supposing that yes, as what prevents me to find her is that I am unaware of where she is but as God knows it, therefore the will of God should be that I receive an email indicating to me the address where I will be able to find her (or to her my web site address).
Therefore, if there is somebody in the world able to be inspired by the will of God, he should have received the order to send this email to me or her. That would take only a few minutes to him, after which I will be ready to give him 1000 euros for his good works.
If he does in the same way with 10 000 other people, that will give him 10 million, with which, being guided by God to make an as effective use of this money as this preliminary use of his time, he can easily change the world.
As that did not occur, the assumption was false.
End of proof: God left us all orphans on the earth.

(More remarks have not been translated from French yet)

Now, let us resume the reasoning. What do many Christians say on the causes of misfortunes of the world? That that comes from sin and the lack of dedication of humanity towards Jesus-Christ. How to cure it? By evangelizing until most of humanity is converted. Good, let us admit that we manage to convert 90% of the world population. What will these people have learned on the causes of misfortunes in the world? That these causes are all due to sin and the lack of dedication of the world towards Jesus-Christ. As there is clearly no other useful method for the resolution of the problems of the world likely to come to the mind, and that the many million current Christians were not enough, there is no chance that a 90% of Christians do a better work, and misfortunes of the world will remain. What will they do then? Either the responsibility will fall down wholly on the 10% of remaining unbelievers who will be used as scapegoats, or (or then), it will be because the other people are not "true Christian", and the great world sport will consist in excommunicating one another.

That may be fun.

Translated from French
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