The fundamentalist Christian doctrine

Here's the Good News, the revelation of the Divine Wisdom infinitely more wonderful than anything man could imagine. It's simple and easy to understand, to everyone, including and especially children that He invites us to imitate, to get rid of our old flesh: The God who reveals himself in Jesus is a God of infinite holiness of justice and love beyond imagination, demonstrating by this record of superlatives its authenticity against any idea of God that men could ever have imagine as Venus or Aphrodite. Here it is:

His infinite justice is to have a big desire that itch, to send us all to hell, a place of eternal suffering because of our sin inherited from Adam, that makes us all unbearable under his eyes. Or otherwise, by lack of being able to satisfy his emotional needs of justice in this matter, to temporarily send someone else to hell in our place, preferably someone pure from all sin, for example (in this case the only solution) His own dear unique Son Jesus. His infinite kindness and love is of sending us his Son Jesus.

First as a model of perfect man that we must follow. For this, his life is described in the Gospels. We learn first and foremost he was ... the only man without sin, holy and pure before God, of course. What a capital and highly instructive information for us to figure out the rest of the details, and thereby be able to imitate him. Very important, indeed, moral holiness in this life on earth. Then, if you want to go into details, very inspiring and pure holiness models to imitate are also His way of healing the blind, saying to the paralytic, "Get up and walk!", resurrecting the dead, lying brazenly, cursing on his way the fig tree that bears no fruit, and announcing that those who eat his flesh and drink his blood will not perish but have eternal life.

Then, as the Redeemer of mankind, through His death on the cross, his descent into hell and the victory of his resurrection, by which he came to suffer God's justice for us, the only way to let our sinful nature be forgiven by God, and thus offer us eternal life in paradise.

This free, generous and beautiful offer without any counterpart, of having already replaced us in hell about 2000 years ago in the hours preceding his resurrection, will be fulfilled in each of those of us who will accept it for their life in the form of a free and arbitrary pious approach of godly inspired fervent faith, into the truth of this incredible story that can't be authentified, that Jesus was sent by God to accomplish and tell us all these things, and who will be amazed by so much goodness and holiness. Incredible revelation but generously clearly designed to be accessible to the mind of any idiot (indeed, never let anyone suspect that God may favor by any means the more intelligent and serious people in this respect, what a horrible idea it would be). This is so to fully satisfy the requirements of indisputably universal goodness and justice of God, to let this eternal life (which requires faith in Jesus) available to all: it is just up to everyone to lie to oneself and pretend to know these things without proof. This just requires to be idiot and dishonest enough for that. Of course, the opportunity of that faith will also be available to any honest mind that will sincerely seek the opportunity for it, without the risk any true reason ever comes to make any real obstacle to it, precisely because these things are true, and there can be no really good reason against the truth. Therefore, it is clear and with no need to check any further, that those who claim to have good reason to believe otherwise must necessarily be mere sinners, hard hearted, closed-minded, rebellious to God and misleading themselves, and deserve well the hell that awaits them.

Moreover, the infinite goodness of God is also the free choice that He graciously gives us of our destiny, God wishes everyone to be saved, but knows that this will only happen to very few of us, because He does not oblige anyone to accept eternal life against their will. He absolutely respects the choice of those who do not want to be saved, but prefer to stick their finger in the eye, freely in all awareness of what they are doing (as the good news is publicly announced to all and no one can ignore it), and to harshly and deliberately reject this generous offer by strikes of disbelief into the actual existence of it, to go to hell after his justice, because even the smallest sin condemned the perpetrator to hell.

Why try to remedy the sins of man or the suffering of the world? We would anyway not have time for the outcome before dying and being sent to hell because of our sinful nature. Indeed, to go to heaven, the only way is to please God in us according to His Holy Commandments, in any event no discussion is nothing to understand, he is the leader who knows better than us and if you purport to make your own mission rather than the one he revealed to us by his Son, it will leave you free to do so does not contradict you come across because it is nice and did not want to upset you for you leaving a final chance to love him, but then from behind against, whereas once you're dead, defenseless body, and nobody on earth can no longer hear you scream if you have not repented to time the pride of your business, if you have not converted, have not been amazed by the magnificence of His works and His revelations, that you do not have the highest opinion of him or you did not testify your trust in Him through your faith in the fact that he actually said is a source unverifiable claims he would have said that you had the nerve to call into question the authenticity ... then it is now too late to do this or that God may still accept your repentance: pan pan cap you will go to hell, and there will be no mercy! (This is the supreme danger which He has been kind enough to try to preserve the invitation to you to believe in His word, through all the efforts of His servants to conjure you to believe any word this incredible story and unverifiable.)

Anyway, sin and suffering are inevitable either qu'irrémédiables (inherited sin of Adam, or that the world is ruled by the devil), the expression of the will of God, and cursed is the that would be arrogant to believe more than Jesus by seeking an alternative a bit overall, and challenge the goodness of God who wanted these things! the existence of suffering proves in itself that it has a meaning (even if nobody knows what direction) or that the man deserves his sin, because God made everything perfect! Even the sin (concept vague and general that there is no attempt to specify, symbolizing all that in man is the cause of evil, especially not to seek to understand how or why) are in any irreversibly, including the Christian, there is no need to seek any remedy, only God has the power to change our lives if His goodness he sings (in the case, again it ' y anyway nothing to say because he is the chef).

No, our unique mission to which God generously offers us to follow him during our earthly life, what we have to spend, the only thing that gives meaning to life, while the ideal that we must devote our every desires and our attention to be during our earthly life is this: to believe and devote the rest of his life to propagate along the call of God, this story of Jesus as the Supreme Truth, joining the Alliance with the goodness of God in the war undertaken by it against the risks of specific occurrences of the exercise of the most monstrous horror of the universe that surpasses any other monstrosity, the most absurd and untenable, even worse than the sin of Adam and all the sins of mankind together: the terrible justice of that God ready to strike in the afterlife on the dead who have not joined this alliance with him.
The sole objective referred during this Holy War is that we own and one by one individually, our relatives who we are infinitely grateful for that, be exempt from this just blows Cosmic Terror under our faith in Jesus eternal life, passions and the rest of eternity to sing the praises of God with those who will also remain incredulous or have believed in any other literature sent by the devil to deceive men and deprive them of salvation, continue to suffer the punishment for eternity.

And then, after leaving the species and men suffer from sin and misery so far, Jesus will soon return and finally destroy the earth and especially to prevent mankind from sinking into the sin of laziness and enjoyment of the opportunities of a life more comfortable and more intelligent that the extraordinary technology and scientific knowledge acquired after so many millennia galérer without them finally poised to offer him, and secondarily to carefully remove all traces of environmental damage which His infinite wisdom has not called to address. Maranata! Jesus returns, the sooner the better!