Summary of the liberal Christian worldview

After leaving the Earthly life enjoying the freedom of its misery for billions of years without any creationist or other help to its genetic evolution, the Son of God once suddenly decided to come to incarnate and die on the cross in the last, most powerful species, the very one that recently started, and even more especially was going to most dramatically further destroy the ecosystem of that planet.
Not to save it from the impact of any such damage for the next million years, nor to indicate, as He could, to individuals of good will the means to finally build a world relieved of a considerable part of its many sufferings.

No. God did all this just for the mere sake of saying us a little hello and tell us He loves us, but without writing anything clear and precise destined for future generations: the beloved Son of God only bothered (invested all his power) to secrety come, at a time still deprived of any appropriate technologies nor any other favorable circumstance that might have recorded any credible traces of this fact (for fear of the potentially catastrophic implact that such credible traces would have had against our freedom of conscience), the most extraordinary miracles of all times, including a lot of miraculous healings (forgetting, by the way, to utter any words about hygiene or medicine that might have helped people better cure themselves in the future), in precise conformity to what men had just imagined in all their previous myths, just to prove His divinity and the importance of His words, to anyone who would happen to have the fantasy of believing in the authenticity of the story of these miracles.

He thus came to address Himself exclusively to the some of the members of this species at that very specific time and place in its own language, to tell them things easily accessible to the simplest-minded of them, that they could easily imagine, understand and transmit. Such as, the idea that, among all animal species, only they were made by God in His image; that men are free and responsible for their actions, and given the priviledge to reign over the rest of nature; that one ought to love one's neighbor like oneself; that one should render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and live according to one's conscience.

This way, that message will eventually impose itself naturally onto that herd (in that time's competition with other similar words by similar messiahs that would eventually be forgotten by all), prior to His departure. He wrote nothing by Himself, for fear of letting future generations any chance to exactly know what He really meant, but preferred to leave to others the care to freely and imaginatively distort His words to suit their mood and the culture of the time, so as to give free rein to any illimited hijackings of His words by various groups and institutions that would commit many massacres in His name. As for all those that this stuff will stimulate to desperately attempt to reconstitute, by means of endless works of reinterpretations, what might be inferred from the finally available writings onto what it could really have originally meant (and what the initial divine message could have been; that is, anyway, hardly any significant or original stuff), this offers them the opportunity to give free rein to their creative imagination. By these means He invited, for centuries and centuries, inspired men to rejoice their hearts in memory of His love, through the contemplation, full of devotion, of that cloud of smoke He once raised in history.
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