If spirituality is necessarily a sham, what can be found in life to be authentic?

As I said before, everything depends on the people, their needs and capabilities. Here are the main ideas that come, without claim of comprehensiveness:

- In matters of quest for truth there is science, the scientific method and its many applications.

- A specially interesting use of rational thought is the one that concerns philosophical questions, on the sense of life, such as those considered in this site. So, there needs to be some more relevant and useful practice of philosophy than the traditional one, to be no more locked in academic environments with its biases, but to inspire new ideas, projects and opportunities in facing effective problems of life. This would include surveys and studies on the troubles in the life of people, on different religious or other affairs and their impacts on the happiness of people, their psychological or intellectual evolution, their possible changes of opinions, and the possible causes of suicide; research of relevant methodologies. (Example of small interesting study)

- We can have fun, and even find funny ways to understand awful truths, such as this We can feel great watching great criticisms of religions such as Greta Christina's "Why Are You Atheists So Angry?".

- As for the development of morality, there is the apprenticeship of the sense of responsibility, and the scientific study of all links of cause to effect that is necessary to build practical responsibilities; a whole lifetime is not too long to learn it, even hundreds of lives of scientific research in this regard would be welcome, not forgetting that part of the challenge would be to automatize and operate by software. This leads to a mission I found to accomplish on this earth for the construction of civilization. Diverse missions for the world are possible, such as the protection of nature with its biodiversity, the support to the positive evolution of the human species.

- As for the faith in God and hope in eternal life, there is the reading and hearing of near-death experience testimonies, and other reports of messages from or experiences with the beyond. This includes some specially interesting ones such as Seth, Natalie Sudman, and Rich Kelley of whom I saw these three videos, to not confuse with unrelated homonyms. To do more, one can further and support investigations of these and other related testimonies. Do not advocate or demonize any experience whatsoever, leaving everyone free of his opinions and his personal "spiritual search", and compile the results in a neutral way, aiming to feed as objectively as possible any future theological debates on the compared merits or relevances of different approaches. Among other ideas, it may be interesting to create committees of near death experiencers (without taking it as any sort of absolute reference either).

- As for happiness there is love and family life, and also, depending on people, other things can contribute to more or less fill human life: trips in nature or elsewhere, music and other arts, games, science again, especially mathematics which can be a fantastic adventure for the minds which have the ability to follow...

- If you like to meet friends you already know or make new ones on Sunday or on any occasion whatsoever, sing beautiful songs with them, and meditate a few moments in silence or in a musical meditative background in beautiful architectural monuments or not, hear great stories and good life lessons, share good advice and good resolutions, you are welcome ! I just cannot see whatever Gospel or other alleged divine revelation whatsoever, should have to do here. So: We can try to sort and collect what is positive in different existing religions and spiritualities. For example, as to the organization of worship, some aspects may be interesting to consider, develop and complement to bring finally good fruit. For the use of fans of religious songs: review the fine religious melodies, revise the texts of songs or invent new ones, make directories of songs not allowing any misconceptions now haunting religions to remain. In their place, put more true and meaningful ideas that might bear better fruit. Ah, if only one could sort the wheat from the chaff, manage to take good things and get rid of associated ideological errors ! This is far from simple, it is a civilization which is yet to be invented and built. This cannot be the work of only one man. This development work to be done is vast; which is why some people who would happen to specially feel inspiration for it (among the so many other things to do), should take the initiative to start contributing (without passively waiting for any revelation of the Holy Spirit...). It would be an open and multidisciplinary work, opening and developing wide possibilities where individuals could find specialization...

Instead of a Bible allegedly inspired by God, for those who need reading, one can make books honestly declared as man-made, developed in accordance with specified methodologies. Studies open to developments, filling libraries, structured with useful classifications for different needs.

Indeed there already exist religions without God, like Ethical Culture. Developing this way some friendly social practices of religions, deprived from the dubious metaphysical or theological doctrines that were linked with them, is good. It would be better to complete cleaning their speeches from doctrinal and methodological errors of traditional religions in matters of practical life and morality, and replace them by some positive, more truthful and challenging developments. In short, much work remains to be done.

- Perhaps one day, will be found some available and relatively safe method for astral travel, including possible chances to "meet God" as some reported, whatever this may really mean, by as practical and not ideological methods as taking substances in the form of a pill or any other medical method.

- Not forgetting, of course, works of charity (also following methodologies open to studies and developments; unless a global revolution would address the problem otherwise, with little need of monetary donation or other personal self-sacrifice).

There is therefore in what I deeply respect, a multitude of things that largely suffice to feed all possible "thirst for spirituality" of most people. Therefore, please do not call me a nihilist.

And some may pretend I would be contradicting myself, putting forward ways that I advocate to fill the thirst for spirituality of man, while I just explained that there can be no such a thing as a true spirituality.
My point is that not only are the above true approaches very different and sometimes opposed to traditional spirituality, but it would be inappropriate to take this list as a new definition of "authentic spirituality", insofar as it is definitely not one quest nor even a series of quests that could be properly grouped under the banner of a common expression, but a diversity of quests clearly unrelated to one another, which thus require to be named by completely different names, to be much clearer and more specific than any vague catch-all pompous name as the one of "spirituality".