Anti-spiritual links

Christianity (as criticized by atheists, ex-Christians and other skeptics)

Biblical inconsistencies
Seven Problems in Christianity That Killed My Faith
J. Eric Harrington had a site Religion vs. Thought (now on archive)
Jhuger : interesting pamphlets
Debunking Christianity blog by a former apologist (John W. Loftus), with many contributors
The Jesus Puzzle
Jesus never existed
Saul of Tarsus and Christ's Blood : opposition between the teachings of Jesus and those of Paul (see Christians agreeing here)
Fallacy of Christianity
Why Christianity is false (archive) - all in one page at scribd
Is the Bible God's Word or Man's Invention?
Archive of James Buckner's site and his links
Conversion asymmetry
Quotations on Christianity
anti-Christian sites at dmoz. In particular:
Leaving Christianity with many links
A criticism of Christianity: “Anti-Christianity” and Who-Hates-Who?
Skeptics Corner by Louis W. Cable archive (other url - files list)
Debunking Every Argument of Christian Fundamentalists and Evangelists by Winston Wu
Archive of a long list of Ex-Christian testimonies (many others can be found on the web but these ones no more appear on live sites)
Askwhy ! Christian and Jewish history...
Crisis in the Catholic Church: The Pope's Contradictions
An interesting discussion between a secular humanist and a moderate Christian, to show the inconsistency of the latter's position
Clash in Cambridge : Science and religion seem as antagonistic as ever
The Rejection of Pascal's wager
Religion Reverses Everything
Daylight Atheism : essays
Christians Are Raging At Pastor Who Gave Up God For One Year After He Decides Not To Go Back
"Nihilism is a disease born of theism" (Ryan Bell interviewed on CNN)
Transgender teenager, 17, leaves heartbreaking suicide note blaming her Christian parents
A subjective list of 5 Best Books To De-Convert A Christian
Asymmetry of Conversion
A book : "Rock of truth" by Arthur Findlay (origins of the Gospel and history of the persecution of mediums by Christianity), described here and at Amazon.
Why do you not believe anything in the Bible
Jews for Judaism
More links in my page on questions to christians

About the psychological damages of Christian faith

How Conservative Christianity Can Warp the Mind
Religious trauma syndrome : a series of articles by Marlene Winell
Understanding the Mentality and World View of the Christian Fundamentalist - Why Christianity is Tyrannical and Anti-Freedom by Winston Wu
Your religion may be harmful if...
"I've been a Christian for pretty much my whole life. I've been struggling for years with some basic theology. I feel God is very silent, and it's left me feeling confused and disappointed. Who else has experienced this?" on
A song : The Black Sheep and The Shepherd which I first hear in the middle of this video of Ryan Bell
A TED testimony of deconversion from Westboro Baptist Church

Atheists and anger - explaining religion's harm

Greta Christina : her original article - her talk at Atheist Experience - her next article - someone else's article about her book.
Other authors : A strong podcast - an article - Atheist FAQ : why are atheists so angry
Christianity - Just think, we could have been exploring the galaxy by now
What’s so wrong with religion anyway?

Absurdities in the bible

The Bible Teaches Legitimate Rape
10 Times the Bible Says Torture is OK
Terrible parts of the Bible
Eleven Kinds of Verses Bible-Believers Like to Ignore 12 Biblical Principles You’re (Probably) Not Living By

The fundamentally sectarian nature of Catholicism

A former member of the Legionaries of Christ escaped it and describes it in details as a very dangerous sect, but he still remains Catholic (in French).

The following are Catholic sites, seemingly unaware of their madness and/or unafraid of displaying it

St. John Vianney Sermons (Cure d'Ars) - sermon on Purgatory (his sermon on the Last Judgement, in French, is quite scary ; I don't know if there is an English version) - more - Other catholic pamphlets
Writings by St John Henry Newman
A claim of near death experience in support of a madly, ridiculously sectarian form of Catholicism (I received this link from a Catholic debater, yes yes)
The Analyst; or, a Discourse Addressed to an Infidel Mathematician.
Faustina's diary, story of her masochist relationship with a sadist ghost claiming to be "Jesus", can be read in different sites. In this game, the goal for the ghost is to invent and tell her the most insane and ridiculous lies possible to see how far he can fool her; while the goal for her is to train herself to keep believing these lies at all cost, no matter how absurd or ridiculous they may be. In spite of its fundamentally tragic, insane and miserable nature, this story (of which I only read a little part) gave me one of the biggest laughs of my life. Very mixed feelings.

Of course not all Christians are insane, at least not in all topics

I admit that is hard to find, but sometimes I happen to find Christians with a sane way of thinking... at least in some topics, and apart from how a number of them turn out to deconvert. Here is are rare examples of wise thoughts by some Christians (we may say, these thoughts are wise rather because they are not really Christian but oppose the more usual trends of Christianity, but...). I wish so much to see more Christians as relatively wise as this:

"My definition of 'pro-life' ".

A long video comment on a failed debate between a Christian and 2 atheists

Buddhism and hinduism

A list of quotes in English in a site otherwise in French
The shadow of the dalaï-lama

Buddhist retreat, Why I gave up on finding my religion" article by John Horgan
a criticism of buddhism


TED Talks are Over-rated
In French: Méfiez-vous des conférences TED et TEDx

General criticism of spiritualities

10 “Spiritual” Things People Do That Are Total Bullshit

Arguments Against Religion
Stripping the gurus
Flameout gurus
Archive of a forum
Against spirituality small article

Alternatives to spirituality

A Description of ‘God’, by Two Non-Physical Entities
The Theosophical society : they have the same fundamental belief with other spiritualities which I disagree with, however they seem quite more open and thoughtful than average.
Deism - Links to Deistic web sites
Freedom From Religion Foundation with its copyrighted tract Dear Believer
Writings by Bertrand Russel
"To question is the answer" : agnostic site with many links (old version with more links
Rationalism and the Rationalist movement
Fundamental misconceptions of science
Scientific method and Philosophical realism
Secularism and secularist organizations


17 cultural clashes this European had in America
Cult Education Institute
Former pastors: Attitude fanatics
On the epidemic model for the diversification of religions : encouraging de-converting and former Christians
Do Not God : an anti-spiritual philosophy, expressed by lots of videos. Example : A sick sick sick society (about assisted suicide). Unfortunately he also says a lot of bullshit about physics (see my comments on the natural temptation of pseudo-science)
On the downsides of positive attitude, on poor people having kids youtube video by Irina Uriupina

in French, on Buddhism

Articles & textes de Marc Bosche (+liens utiles bouddhisme) - le forum qui initia la création de ce site

"Pour une conscience de la liberté" : entretien avec Daniel Odier, auteur du livre "Le Grand Sommeil des éveillés"

Ni bonze ni laïc, ou la voie du plus faible (essai sur l'esprit des lois et le bouddhisme tibétain)

Le Fil(m) Rouge de l'Hindouisme

Afterlife research and spirit communication

The search for life after death archive version
Michael Prescott's blog has lots of stuff. For example, an article about reincarnation research.
Spirit communications
Spirit writings
Raymond or life and death
NDE video : The Near Death Experience in Iraq That Defies Belief

About introversion

Maybe off-topic here, but I like it too:
A Guide to Understanding Introverts - 10 Myths About Introverts