A rationalist but non-materialistic view, in short

by Sylvain Poirier

Here is the short summary of my convictions, to let readers quickly figure out where I locate myself in the landscape of philosophical positions.
It may indeed be hard to figure out because this kind of position is not well represented in the media. Many of these answers are already present here or there, but the precise combination, even if it has members, is less explicitly popular as such, and many would assume them contradictory. On the contrary I see these compatible, even if some paradoxes remain.

To be short here, I'll just put the claims.

So here are the points:

On rationality

On metaphysics

On afterlife

On miracles

Some miracles exist (NOT the Biblical ones, which are tales) but are not "made by God" (there are non-divine ghosts around). Indeed, the observations of scientifically refute theism for all practical purposes in this life. Namely, they show that the few miracles or spiritual inspirations that may exist, are hardly more worthy of attention than the Higgs boson in life: they are not decided nor inspired by any decent God, nor worthy of any strong praise or obsessive interest, nor provide any significant non-trivial light on the sense of life. Only short-sighted ghosts no wiser than average humans, may sometimes intervene or speak to people disguised as Jesus or whatever. So, for all practical purposes in this Earthly life, any idea of a divine wisdom superior to human thought, remains vain because no effective access to information from a wise God can be found in this world; due to this unfortunate circumstance, the concept of divine wisdom is a ultimately harmful concept that needs to be rejected to avoid the risk of supporting wrong views in God's name (maybe except as something to hope for concerning the fate after life).

On religions

The sense and problems of life, morality

Science and morality

What is wrong with spirituality/religions, in short

Spirituality is a naive guess of trying to do good, to become better and raise one's mind above the ground, and there may be no theoretical explanations of why it does not work, however this fact is overwhelmingly verified by experience: in spite of the huge energy investment of so many millions of people who gave their life to it since millennia, Spirituality in all its forms utterly failed its proclaimed mission, both in theory and in practice: it utterly failed to theoretically understand life and morality with its main troubles and possible solutions; and to bring an inch of progress to the sense of life, human understanding, overall psychological well-being and workable civilization on this planet. There are much more important fundamental truths they completely missed such as

One of the reasons why it does not succeed at bringing progress to the world, is that, well, following their ideology, spiritual people did not even start trying to work for such a progress, since religious people are too busy carefully dedicating themselves to the following vanities, for having any time left carefully trying to understand the world and correctly diagnose and cure its problems:

Their main concern, it seems, is to flee their responsibility (which they have no clue of), and to feel forgiven for their possible faults regardless what these may be, since they visibly could not cope with seriously figuring out and taking moral responsibility for the correctness of their understanding and the real consequences of their actions. Because this attitude of fleeing their effective responsibilities to focus on the above, is all what works for (some of) them to feel satisfied of themselves and feel that they have lessons to teach to others.

Spirituality is just a very unfair, biased lottery, whose main fruit is that of giving vain pride (self-satisfaction, moral superiority complex coupled with a technical inferiority complex for putting the blame of troubles on others) to some people for their baselessly assumed "higher wisdom", and humiliating its opponents and its victims who failed at the test of its ranking system, and/or whose life happens to be destroyed by its false/failing help/quest.
In particular, it more often works to provide its vanities to people whose psychological type is NFJ-A (iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging and Assertive; though some spiritualities such as those around the slogan "The Power of Now" also praise not intuitive but Sensing people), who are most likely to sincerely pretend that they met God without due evidence for this; and humiliate the rest of people under its teachings that these other people cannot get the impression of succeeding at, no matter how seriously they try. For example, Turbulent people being more careful and demanding from themselves, would not easily dare to claim that they found God as long as it is not clearly the case, and may thus endlessly lose and humiliate themselves in harder and harder tries in this quest which cannot actually succeed, unless of course the goal is reduced to a set of clear formal rules that can be followed without looking for any subtle evidence of miracles/success.

About the "fallen state" of the world

While I agree with Christians that the world is in a kind of fallen state compared to some ideal, the problem is to correctly specify what kind of fallen state we are in. Many kinds of fallen states might be conceived, but any proposition of description or explanation needs to have its logical consequences checked against observation, so as to know if the explanation actually fits reality. And what I see wrong with Christianity, a main reason why I am not Christian anymore, is the big discrepancy I finally observed between the effective contents I observed and experienced of the world's troubles, and the naive Christian view of a fallen state that pretends to describe our world but in fact doesn't - and the dire lack of care of Christians just passively swallowing their "revealed explanation" regardless how badly it matches observations. How deluded they are all in pretending to have lights about this fallen state, what to do about it, and how to come back to God, to behave better and to understand and develop real sense in life (not illusory one), when they really are so blind and clueless about it - how they really need to stay blind so as to ignore the discrepancy which would logically lead them to deconversion (just focusing their time brainwashing themselves on supposed "revealed" truths, sincerely pretending that God came to their life, at the expense of opening one's eyes to observe facts that flatly refute these "revelations"...).

So, our fallen state is especially that most (but not all) people in the world are dumb almost like animals (which should be expected because of common ancestry...), unable (or unwilling) to think rationally so that they are clueless about the main stuff in morality and the understanding of the world. I sketched one big aspect of it here and also there I investigated some stakes of civilization which may come by a little thinking effort that most people are too dumb to make. Somehow it is a bit similar to a disconnection from God, but... here is a word I propose to describe it : orphanage. I find it interesting as it combines several features that I find appropriate:

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