In reply to people who accuse me of arrogance

There are people who blame me for being arrogant. That I would claim infallibility. They may "argue" just by quoting me, noticing how confident I am of some of my positions, as if the mere fact of claiming to know something well, logically had to be, in itself, a mistake, or even a sin or a crime, of arrogance, either in itself or against others. They hate it, they hate me for this, and they even find it right and fair that I would suffer loneliness in case my loneliness were due to the fact everybody would hate me for this in the same way - assuming that they would be anyway right to do so, or just anyway they are right in a Machiavellian sense of being powerful by their number and there is no possible other sense to give in the universe to the concept of "being right". And they "kindly" advise me to just change myself by denying the truth of what I know, doubting myself and starting to believe the shit that people tell me, as I should need to belive their shit just at least as the necessary means to get these bullshit tellers as my friends.
They understand nothing. Such infinite, tyrannical nonsense of theirs revolts me.

My real position has nothing to do with any assumption of infallibility that would come just because I would like to believe myself infallible. This ridiculous view which others want to believe about me is extremely far from true.
I do not assume such a thing.
What I do is that I do NOT assume to know, and I do NOT tolerate to invest myself assuming something that may be a mistake, so I spend a EXTREMELY HUGE work checking things over and over again as long as possible uncertainties remain.
But eventually such work, much harder than people imagine possible (as they would not bother themselves, or would not have the skills to effectively carry it successfully), bears fruit. Once accomplished, logical possibilities of errors turn out to disappear.
I cannot pretend that possibilities of error on something still exist after I invested myself so much on searching for them and eleminating risks one by one and finally found and checked so well that the view becomes correct. And whether or not a genuine reason actually exists to doubt something, it still does not mean I should more precisely doubt my views under the request of (by going take seriously) the "warnings" that I "may be mistaken" on a given topic from the part of someone talking or writing to me when his work is visibly is so much weaker on that particular topic (should I insist, to put things in their correct context), which most often is the topic of how things are going in my own life.
Actually the fact of focusing on the topic of how things go in my own life should logically make it much more likely for my own understanding about it to be indeed better verified than that of people who only spent little time to inform themselves about me, with no need of mentioning any real or imaginary fundamental difference of intelligence between us. However, visibly, people usually cannot grasp this particular reason, I wonder why.
So it has nothing to do with a claim on infallibility. And a problem is, clearly I found others not having such a care. Others are the ones who mistakenly claim infallibility, not that they really claim it, they actually claim themselves fallible. The fundamental difference is that, not only their thought is much more full of mistakes than just "fallible", they still cannot stop spamming others with their ideas which are, in their terms "fallible" (but in reality pure shit) as if it was right to tell bullshit, they cannot bear the burden of checking and correcting their ideas and they cannot tolerate the shame of considering the possibility for others to have been more careful or finally more successful than themselves in efforts of verification.
But I guess I am wasting my time to explain this as these people cannot understand anything anyway.
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